From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own…

Hi there, welcome to my blog,  I’m Praveen D’sa, I am Master in Computer applications  and also MCITP: Database Administration 2008.

I have over 8 year of experience on MS SQL Server as a DBA & Developer.

I started my blog in the will of sharing and enhancing my acquired knowledge over these 8 years. This blog is designed for DBA’s or technically interested people in SQL administration work.

I am very interested in discovering performance & tuning techniques, exploring disaster recovery options, analyzing & tuning index fragmentation, apart from this I am also responsible for storage & SQL server capacity planning & configuration.

SQL injection & cricket other things i would like to follow during my free time.

At last, this Blog is a place where I share my own personal thoughts, opinions and experiences of working with SQL Server. There may be better solutions than what I follow, so I seek help & support from all Senior DBA’s & experts to make this effort a successful one by providing your valuable feedback & suggestions.

For any queries or feedback regarding this blog or regarding SQL, please mail to praveen.dsa@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards,

Praveen D’sa



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