It’s been a long time since I blogged last time, due to hectic work schedule & other commitments, I could not dedicate any time to for writing blog. This post is also my fist post of 2015.
This blog post is in response to Paul’s (b/t) blog: “Want to be mentored by me? “, requesting Paul to consider my candidature to be groomed under his guidance.

About me

Myself is Praveen D’sa, I hold MCA (Master of Computer Application) degree from Mangalore University (same university from where Mr. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft attained his bachelor degree 😉 )
Post completion of MCA in 2005 I joined one of the leading media industry in India as a ASSP.Net developer, during that time SQL Server being administrated by a third party vendor in our company.
One fine day boss came upto me and asked me to take over DBA responsibilities from them and he gave me 3 months’ time to learn the skills, I replied, “Boss, I am your servant. Let it be done unto me according to your word”. Like many other DBA’s I too became DBA not by choice but by chance.
Very soon I got attracted towards by new responsibilities and gradually fell in love with SQL, I started to read and read and read, find SQL stuff online do R&D then I found the great site SQLSKILLS, inspired by his writings I took regular subscription to pluralsight.
I consider Paul as my guru, infact my first technical blog on this site is inspired by Pauls blog post (t).
Whenever Paul announces IE/IEPTO classes I madly wanted to attend one of these classes and wanted to be picked for SQLskills community mentoring program. Unfortunately due to my geographic barrier I never able to make to any of his IE/IEPTO classes and without which I cannot make it to SQLskills community mentoring program.
But this opportunity is a blessing in disguise; I desperately want to be mentored by Paul.

Why Paul?

I cannot see any other names but god of SQL to be my mentor, I have acquired lot of knowledge through my reading, research & online classes but right now it’s like a puzzle scattered into bits and pieces, I need mentor like Paul to put together these bits and pieces and make a beautiful picture of SQL. Paul is super dedicated person inspite of his busy schedule he manages to reply to your mails, I never anticipated a reply from Paul when I sent my first mail asking his advice, hats off to you Sir.

How do I benefit?

Grooming under Paul definitely help me to become a Professional DBA from accidental DBA, it also help to contribute to other SQL community members in a much better way (often responds to SQL related queries on MSDN, written few articles on technet wiki and own gold medal for this post)


I wanted to keep this post as short as possible but I am so overwhelmed by the thought of grooming under Paul I could not stop myself writing and pushing hard for my candidature. I apologize for keeping this long.
Desperately waiting for feb 16th to see my name in short listed candidates.
Wishing all best of luck.