In this blog I just show you how effectively we can make use of SSMS object Explorer Detail pane.

Once you are in SSMS, go to View-> Object Explorer Details alternatively you can use shortcut key F7 to access Object Explorer window as shown below.
Object Explorer Detail
This brings you the Object Explorer Detail window in the same location where we normally have the Query window.

Object Explorer Detail Pane

Now you can navigate to any node in object explorer or click any node in object explorer and it will give you the related detail on Object Explorer Detail pane as shown in the above screen. Here I have selected SQL Server Agent node on Object Explorer and in Object Explorer Detail pane we can see all the objects related to SQL Server Agent.
Now I will show you how can we make best you of Object Explorer Detail pane to script out all the Jobs in a single click.
Navigate to SQL Server Agent -> Jobs, Object Explorer Detail pane will display all the jobs, now select any job and say Ctrl+A all jobs will be selected, now right click then say Script Job As -> New Query Editor Window as shown below.

export sql agent jobs

Now you have script out all your jobs in a single query window, no need to go to each job to generate script. Same technique can be used to generate script of various other objects like tables, views, procedures etc.

Will explore some more features of Object Explorer Detail pane in coming days.

Hope this helps.!!!